Find your lost skis - easily via your cell phone.
If you lose them, you will get cash back - SOS will cover your insurance deductible.

What can your SKI+FINDER do?

The SKI+FINDER is the easiest way to find your lost or stolen skis. Via the SOS Crowd-Network you will receive a message on your smartphone where your ski is currently located. Simply report the loss of your skis via the iSKI+FINDER app.

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SKI-TRACKER – Tracking & more

Your SKI+FINDER can do much more! The unique combination of your SKI-FINDER with the SKiTRACKER app on your smartphone gives you a wealth of features and services - just right for you to enjoy your skiing day to the fullest.


  • Slopes-km
  • elevation meters
  • Km/h
  • Skiday book


  • insurance
  • Ski-Scanner


  • Tipps
  • Ski-maintanance


  • Skiareas
  • Slopes


  • Buddy Radar
  • Interaction with friends


  • Avalanches Bulletin
  • Weather Forecast






























Our offering for you

By actively pairing the SOS-SKiBeacon with the SOS-SKI app, skiers will be automatically informed, networked and optimally supported for winter sports. The SOS.SKI app offers simple, fast and up-to-date information with integrated services directly on your smartphone.




The unique SKI+FINDER consists of the innovative SKI-Chip (iBeacon), the comprehensive SKI-TRACKER (SOS.SKiApp) and the SOS.SKiSecure for protection and security. Optionally, you can choose the reusable SKI-CARD (SOS-SKiCard).



Here you can download the intelligent SOS.SKi app on your smartphone.

Download now! Available for iPhone or Android phone.



Wait at the ticket office is snowing yesterday!


Book your next ski day online - there are around 60 ski resorts to choose from and simply go past the ski run straight to the slopes. The cool thing is - you get 20% discount on the day ticket in 20 ski resorts!


  • Only one ski pass for around 60 Swiss ski resorts
  • No waiting at the ski cables car entries
  • Reusable - no return
  • Numerous discounts and profits
  • 20% discount on daily tickets in selected areas



SOS.SKI stands for Services on Snow and includes both a modern innovative SKiBEACON that mounts directly on your skis and snowboards as well as a comprehensive SKI-APP that provides all the important information and features you need for a successful day in the snow.


The SOS.SKI app is the complete smartphone app that supports all skier’s needs for information and services.  Such individual functions are only found in separately in App stores. The SOS.SKI joins, combines and integrates all a skier’s needs  and functions within a single and unique ski app.

The following functions and service are available:


  • Information on ski areas (such slope and snow conditions, weather and more)
  • Maps (including electronic and even interactive maps when available)
  • Ski tracking (elevation, distance skied in kilometers, runs skied and archiving)
  • Community, including interaction with friends, competitions and exchanges
  • Security and protection (Ski-Finder, Ski-Radar, theft prevention, Ski-Detection...)
  • Tips and help (ski maintenance, shops and insurance)


The SOS.SKiBEACON is a latest generation chip based on a sender-receiver principle. The SKiBEACON communicates in fixed intervals via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This Bluetooth technology also allows the SKiBEACON to receive signals and communicate bi-directionally with Smartphones. And SKiBEACON signal strength covers from 10 to 25 meters depending on local conditions. Battery power for the iBeacon is provided by a watch battery that reaches a lifespan of 18 to 24 months and which can be replaced within its hard plastic housing. The SOS.SkiBeacon is CE certified and adheres with radiation, radio and Bluetooth Low Energy standards. The Standard-Beacon is branded with an SOS.SKI label and can also customized according to customer wishes – such as in this example from The SKiBeacons can be fixed on each Skis and Snowboards with a strong integrated 3M adhensive. 



Thanks to its smart connection with the SKiBEACON, the SOS.SKI-app offers first time modalities that automatically provide the right information and services at the right time and the right place. Furthermore, the user has access to additional useful services – for example, the Ski-Finder function.

By registering and activating communication between SKiBEACON and the SOS.SKI app through registration, skis can be located using the SKI-Finders function. This function offers theft prevention and, with a growing SOS.SKI user base, skis can easily and quickly detected. Insurance deductible protection for househould insurance is integrated within the SOS.SKI Basis Kit. SOS.SKI will assume deductible costs of up to 200 Swiss francs in case of loss or theft of registered spots equipment. The owner will be informed correspondingly via his or her personal app account.


If the battery of the SKibeacon is empty, you can order a new battery here:


SOS.SKiBeacon-battery replacement.pdf




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